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10 Facts About Heart Disease Every Senior Should Know


It is a group of diseases that affect and affect the heart muscle, and include cardiovascular disease, heart rhythm disorders, cardiopathy, cardiac infection, congenital heart defects, and heart valve disease. These diseases are also called “cardiovascular diseases”, due to the close relationship that links heart health to the health of blood vessels in the body.

Heart Disease Causes

Heart disease is caused by a buildup of plaque that thickens and hardens the walls of your arteries. This blocks blood flow through the arteries to the organs and tissues. In the elderly.

It can be related to genetic factors and it can also be a result of infections and other conditions.

Often the problems that can be corrected, such as an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, weight gain, and smoking are caused by an irregular heartbeat, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, excessive alcohol or caffeine intake, or Drug, stress, or over-the-counter medication abuse.

Here are 10 facts about heart disease that every senior should know: