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14 Best Fruit to Eat in The Morning to Lose Weight


The weight loss journey is full of temptations and obstacles to get over and if you don’t follow a healthy life style you will find it hard to keep up or to reach the goal easily  thus there are many simple ways to do so starting from sports you can register in the closest gym to your house or to start by morning tours around your neighborhood  to warm up your body but if you are too lazy to start doing that you can simply just change your eating habits into healthier ones for example you can replace coffee full of sugar with a banana or replace the ordinary oil into an avocado oil or have an apple as a  snack instead  of a chocolate bar and so on…

So if you are one of those then this article is addressed to you:



when it comes to weight lost adding the grapefruit to your diet is a perfect choice and decision to make .this Fruit is close to the Orange fruit from the shape side and benefits also it is full of vitamin C as well as it keeps the body hydrated and gives a real feeling of fullness which helps you to keep yourself away from eating any food and be strict and stick to your diet. In addition to the Vitamin C it provides Grapefruit contains also other sorts of Vitamins such as Vitamin A as well as low Calories.



as the common idiom says: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away» not in vain its due to the great benefits of the apple fruit including the weight loss ones. Apples have a low percentage of calories and a large amount of fibers and a good amount of water which permits the body to retain and make up the lost water due to sports practicing or daily activities as well as its help to reduce hunger and control appetite .In addition apples are a good source of a variety of recipes and can be cooked in many different ways.



who can believe that such a small ones of this fruit can hide many secrets and benefits behind such like providing an acceptable percentage of nutrition like Fiber as well as a good collection of vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin K in addition to the Manganese needs especially in immunity system.

It is recommended to add blueberries in your diet plane because late researches has proves that it is an effective element in losing weight and keeping a balanced fat level in the human body.

4.Kiwi fruit   


how can not a fruit full of vitamin C, vitamin E, folate, and fiber, and other significant health benefits be a must in your daily life not only in your diet planes you can consume it in many different and creative ways such as eating it full or as a home made natural juice or a cake or in salads and even can be added to other ingredients in some sorts of recipes.

The kiwi also helps to control the blood sugar level which helps in your weight-controlling journey .even if you are not one of Kiwi lovers try it out u may like it.



are called the perfect summer fruits do you know why? simply because it is full of water low in calories, melons are rich in fiber, potassium, and antioxidants, such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lycopene which keeps you hydrated and gives you a sense of fullness so you do not feel the constant need for food in result it can be a good friend in losing some extra fat and weight. We should mention that the melons fruits are many types like watermelon, Cantaloupe, Galia Melon, Armenian Cucumber, Canary Melon, and many many more different species but with the exact same benefits.



a filling fruit from the citrus fruits considered as the number one in the level of vitamin C as well as it is rich of fibers. Oranges as other fruits be consumed in many different shapes and used in a giant number of recipes including pies cakes juice but we should note that studies made by specialists showed that consuming oranges as slices can be more beneficial than consuming it as a juice or baked or any different shape and that’s because it destroys a big part of the nutrition and makes it less effective doing its job. 



the favorite for the most of people if we are going to mention all of its benefits we probably should write another article dedicated to Bananas yet it still not enough but we will set a little part of what this miraculous fruit can provide you especially if you are planning to lose some pounds.

Starting from potassium, magnesium, manganese, fiber, numerous antioxidants, down to vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C bananas can make the perfect meal to start your day with. It gives you a feeling of fullness which keeps you away from food for a long period of time as well as an extra boost which is reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood. Enjoy eating it as it is or as milkshake or even in recipes.



If there were a race between all the fruits that helps in losing weight then we assure you that the Avocado will certainly and without a doubt is the winner.It has some fat and calories yet it’s a healthier one that can make up for the deficiency in those last two as well.  As the most of earlier mentioned fruits, Avocado can also be consumed in different ways 



basically it is known as a vegetable but most countries use and prepare it as a fruit it is full of vitamins such as vitamin K and has an acceptable amount of fibers that helps reducing cholesterol level in blood. It is a good choice for those seeking weight loss and fat reduce in their bodies especially when adding it into your diet plane   to get better result in a short period of time 

10.Passion fruit

Passion fruit

not common fruit it is originated from South America tough outer rind and juicy and a center filled with seeds. It can be drank as juice or use in meals or eaten directly and we assure you that the passion fruit benefits will stay totally the same. Due to the fibers it holds Passion fruit can give you a feeling of fullness and help your body retain the energy it needs. In addition it helps your body maintain a good level of sugar in blood and can be consumed multiple times a day because it has a low calories counting. It is an ideal fruit for weight loss.

11.Stone Fruits

Stone Fruits

It is a name called to any sorts of fruits that has a seed that look like stone such as: peaches, plums, cherries, nectarine, apricot, Mangos …..And so on despite their verity yet all the stone fruits has a great benefit for the weight loss community as well as its greater role in maintaining the body’s health. They have a low calories and rich of nutrition and vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A.



Yes whether you believe it or not Tomato is consider a fruit not a vegetable as many people think and it has a great contribution in weight loss because it stimulates the production of carnitine which is an amino acid that has a big role in burning fat from the human body in addition to fibers and other beneficial vitamins. Tomato is an necessary element in cooking and a basic ingredient in many recipes yet it is preferred to eat it raw in order to get the needed amount of fibers and nutrition that can damage while tomato being cooked.



an underestimated winter fruit that has a crucial role in burning body fat and in its nutrition with some of the essential Vitamins and fibers. It reduces the sugar level released in the blood which is considered as an efficient way that helps both loosing and maintaining a healthy weight.



this fruit does not need any introducing it is well known and consume widely around the world not mentioning the great benefits this little fruit holds inside such like antioxidants minerals and vitamins and a great percentage of water that beyond half  as well as a low 

Eating strawberries can reduce your appetite which helps you in controlling your eating times as you can insert them in your daily meals in addition to other fruits.

 In the end we offer you some pieces of advice to help you and make your journey easier 

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Be creative in using fruits in your meals in order to keep that excitement.
  3. Practice sports even if it’s just jogging for half an hours.
  4. Avoid late meals 
  5. Set goals and reward yourself each time you reach one of them.