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Best Time of Year to Travel to Myanmar


Myanmar known previously as Burma is a country in Southeast Asia that homes more than 10 ethnic groups, it was colonized by Britain and got its independence. Myanmar has many natural resources especially mineral ones as well as renewable energy sources.

As a touristic destination, Myanmar is the ultimate destination for your trip although it is expensive compared to other countries in the same geographical area but it is unique and offers a unique experience with its never-ending beauty. 

Climate states in Myanmar

With its tropical climate, the period of summer till mid-autumn can be heavily rainy the Roads can become impassable, particularly from July to September while from October to mid-march can be a very cold time down to the rest of the year where the weather witnesses dry days along with an up rising heat which can pass the 40°C. Yet the ideal time to pay a visit to Myanmar can be the period of winter due to the bearable temperatures.  

When is the best time to book a flight to Myanmar?

In order to make your trip less costing and more along with your special budget, we advise you to book your flight at least a month in advance and  Saturday evenings are the best choice you can ever make  against what most people think that weekends tend to be even more expansive especially Friday flights 

The budget that you should take into consideration when traveling to Myanmar?

 If you are planning to stay for a long accommodation   you should definitely think of a cheap yet good hotel because the total cost of travel expenses will be approximately above the 2500 Euros 

And this is a list of the less costing hotels in the area 

Mandalay Hotels 

This fine hotel offers a very comfortable staying with its full setted facilities starting from a private shower breakfast and room services in addition to its great location downtown.

Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon

One of the most luxurious hotels in the capital Yangon also called Rangoon. This hotel offers you a 5 stars accommodation 

Along with the in-room amenities and full wifi access and which makes your stay comfortable and much easier. It contains outdoor pool parking private showers and many many many other necessary facilities.

This pretty hotel offers you a private space in your fully equipped room along with the served breakfast every morning and the 24h room service and free internet service. Also, you can enjoy the inside swimming pool and other amenities. We should mention that this hotel is situated close to the village so you can get down whenever you like and have a look at their way of life and even taste their local food. So what you think about it? We say that you should give it a go and we totally guarantee  that you would never regret this extraordinary experience  A worth visiting spots in Myanmar

Shwemawdaw Pagoda 

Located in Bago, this 114 meters high Golden God temple got its name, the Great due the glittering gold that covers it.   

Ayeyarwady River Cruise

also known as the Irrawaddy and also for being the longest river in Myanmar, starts from the Himalayas and cutting Myanmar into two parts down to the Andaman Sea. You can enjoy seeing the jumping dolphins along the trip, for being honest  It is a good destination for having a sea trip either by ships or by boats, departure starts from Mandalay and Baganthe the two which cities homes several touristic sites such as temples, pagodas, and statues of Buddha. 

Shwenandaw Monastery

The so-called “the Golden Palace” or Shwenandaw Monastery, located in the city of Mandalay exactly the heart of the city of Myanmar. The gold-covered building it is an important building because it is classified as a ”  historic Buddhist monastery “. It was in the beginning as a royal apartment of a king, but after the king’s death, his son decided to take it elsewhere because he thought that it was hunted by his father’s spirit and became a monastery.  


Ngapali that have a rumour about its name which is believed that it was taken by the Italian city name Napoli it is visited the most  in the active season which is winter specially because it is Myanmar’s first  resort town that gathers the beauty of nature along with the human works for making it a touristic and luxurious site with zero competition thus you can enjoy a the view of the red to orange sunset from its  snow white  sand beaches  that hugs the  blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. As you can also relax a total serenity or take your sons for an ever lasting memory of dad and son fishing and cook it your self as you can simply take a vacation from cooking and enjoy the local food in both local and luxury restaurant. 

Mrauk U

 This medieval town origin takes you back to the fortress it used to be due to its thick walls which were made to protect the temple from the strong winds and rainy weather. Mrauk U is an important archaeological town Stone temples can be found throughout the area which was once an important Arakan capital and was an important trading city.  

Inle Lake

This natural miracle is the best place to take some time alone and enjoy the serenity and peace as you get the chance to arrange your life away from all people and life stress .it is the exact definition of beauty and the power of God in his creation this vast   Lake is the ultimate and number one attractions for visitors and for locals in Myanmar. Besides, you can have a little trip in the fascinating lake and pay a visit to the next close small workshops in stilt villages, Travelers are also likely to see fishermen propelling their boats using a distinctive leg-rowing technique.

Taung Kalat

 Visitors of Myanmar defiantly enjoy temples as well as volcanoes in the end who does not right?  what if told you that you can enjoy the best of both worlds? Exciting huh. Here you can visit this old Buddhist monastery and temple which was built on the top of an extinct volcano opening, which makes it one of the most adventurous and fascinating sites in Burma. In order to enter this place, you are welcome to cross the  777 steps to the top of the temple and during the ride, they can meet some friends which are the Macaque monkeys welcoming their visitors. Finally that you reached the top if you don’t have a fear of heights, of course, you will be totally fascinated by the view up there where you can all the city in a  breathtaking view and the massive solitary conical peak of Mount Popa, the volcano that actually caused the creation of the volcanic plug.

Shwedagon Pagoda

 Located on Singuttara Hill in Yangon the capital of Myanmar, the most sacred site in Buddhism in Myanmar is the Shwedagon or Greater Dragon Pagoda it is the one and only temple that gathers the four relics which belongs top the previous incarnations of Buddha, the largest city in Myanmar. Over the centuries, the pagoda knew some expanding along the times down to 99 meters. The Shwedagon temple is covered with Gold and more than four thousands and half diamonds built by the Mon during the Bagan period, sometime between the 6th and 10th century AD.  Next to it you can also find few other temples, statues and what so ever of historic things.  It’s high time to remind visitors that the visit to such sacred temples has its specific rules such as the dressing code that they are expected to follow starting by trousers preferred and T-shirts with elbow-length sleeves and enter the temple barefooted.

Golden Rock

 The miraculous site Golden Rock, or KyaiktiyoZedi as it is known locally, an unbelievable breath taking sight in a form of a rock that nearly fall  from the edge of a cliff, and the weirdest is that both the cliff and the rock are coverd in gold that was enough to convince the local that their god buddah is the one preventing this rock to move an fall from the 1,100 meters high.   To get there you should drive from the capital Yangoon also called Rangoon about five hours and have a little bit long on stairs.  


   If you are a temples lover you are very welcomed to discover them in this full of Buddhist worship sites and the most popular destination in Myanmar. Thousands of temples, stupas, and pagodas remain, including the ones mentioned before in this article.

Finally, we can say that your visit to the wonderful, fascinating Myanmar will be definitely unforgettable, you’ll be able to make your own pleasure and even can share your story with friends and family especially if they were there with you in such mesmerizing moments