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Best Way to Travel From Munich to Amsterdam


If you are looking for an extra ordinary trip full of joy and pleasure and enjoy the natural view along with the most visited sites and a comfortable staying at the most finest hotels, then the perfect destination for you is absolutely Amsterdam the capital of Holland which you can easily reach from Munich either by train, air, and bus.

Starting by the seven hours and a half train trip departing from Munich down to Amsterdam paying € 38 for a second class ticket or pay double the price for a more luxurious trip in the first-class carriage you either choose first class or second class according to your planed budget. As you can fly with the non-stop flights from Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in a trip of ninety minutes but certainly you will miss the fabulous green views.

The last way is to hit the road by bus of course, which is a perfect touristic way where you can enjoy all sites on the roadway for about seventeen hours with a price of nearly ninety euros in a comfortable well-equipped bus and a relaxing ride, we gave you the best possibilities but now it is up to you to choose the best way among these three.

Cheap hotels for your staying in Amsterdam

Clink NOORD Amsterdam

With a 24 h available service, luggage storage, and laundry service, it The best hotel that any visitor to Amsterdam can stay in it has a lot of good rates from its regular or non-regular visitors for providing a set of needs that any hotel should provide and more such as the available Wi-Fi connection, served breakfast every morning, privet showers, a bar, parking, and a lot more…

As you can enjoy practicing some outdoor activities such as bike riding every morning in the fresh air and enjoy the green spaces, billiard, game room, or you can spend some quiet and peaceful time in the library, Ping pong table, cinema nights, music and live shows and many many more…

Student Hotel Amsterdam City

This hotel was basically a place for short-term /long-term scholars and visitors to provide a cultural exchange for them.

  Also, a parking service is available. We do not hope that you enjoy your staying because we are already sure of it.

 The Lloyd Hotel

 This hotel is special for you if you are willing o keep in touch about the suitable prices for your budget because it offers range from 1-5 stars that differ in the provided facilities. Also, it is an institution that housed a historic building along with regular cultural events and meetings that you would be lucky to attend if you wish so of course.

  Besides this eight floors and more than two hundred rooms hotel offers you a set of facilities such as a separate room as well as double bedrooms according to what you wish to have, air conditioning and separate bathroom as well as an elevator and twenty-four hours customer service and room service. Restaurants are available for you to have your perfect preferred meal at the suitable price you can afford and down shops to provide all your needs without the must to even go downtown.

  You can practice several activities in the hotel like renting a bike for a morning tour or enjoy reading books in the library or just relax in your room and share pictures of this amazing experience on social media using free Wi-Fi access.

City Hub Amsterdam

The very modern place to stay is  City Hub in Amsterdam, with its special design of ‘Hubs’  which are basically cabins for a stay that provides free Wi-Fi service for 24 h along with air conditioning,  comfortable beds,  and the most loved feature is the changeable lighting. Also, you can use separate male and female bathrooms and showers.

  Can u still resist the temptation of this fine hotel?  What are you waiting for go and book your next accommodation now?

The most visited sites in Amsterdam

Anne Frank House

 Anne Frank the Jewish girl famous for its diary that describes the status of her community due to the Nazis period .the diary was found by her father after her death in prison with her sister and made enormous effots to get them published so the world would know a small part of what their nation had to live trough. Her house was turned into a museum that contains the building where Anne’s family remained in hiding.  

Amsterdam’s West Church

 This became one of the most famous Amsterdam tourist attractions after the wedding of Queen Beatrix in 1966. The church combines the 2 styles of Renaissance and Gothic design. 

 The Vondel Park

Green spaces all over where your eyes can see a perfectly perfect destination for either some alone relaxation time or with family for an unforgettable journey between the arms of nature and the various roses in the special Rose garden that homes more than seventy beautiful flowers, you are welcome to visit this wonderful place daily with an open-air theatre and other sets such as restaurants to enjoy a meal during your visit and cafés. Also you can rent a skate in the skate rental shop.

  Visitors also find serenity and pleasure in the lakes and the sidewalks surrounded by the tall green trees and the grass while leaving their kids in the special kids’ area.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

  Previously known as a town hall and later on became officially as a Royal palace situated in Dam Square. Is probably the best destination for history and exploring lovers. You can visit the palace all year long and discover this wonderful place which opens to visitors throughout the year to enjoy it with only paying 10 Euros as an adult and the under 8 years kids entry is free. 

Bike City

Can be defined as the nature friend city known for its bike paths this city is the realization of every bike and longer bike rides lovers where you can ride it safely and enjoy the charming, beautiful and refreshing sights or even keep that body fitness and well-shaped. You can either have your own bike or even rent one from the spread bikes rental services along with the repairs services just in case you needed a second hand fixing any problem you might face.

EYE-Film Museum

Plane your trip starting from now to the popular spaceship _ shaped building that overlooks the blue gorgeous river to enjoy the wide cinema and watch the films displayed there along with some exhibitions and permanent presentations and masterpieces. You can also take a rest between shows and have a snack or a full meal at the available EYE restaurant or spend some time shopping from the EYE shopping center or make a useful time reading about the history of films out in the EYE study library and if you have kids we assure you that they will have fun practicing some children’s activities in their own special spaces.