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Best Way to Travel From Seville to Granada

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Best Way to Travel From Seville to Granada

While visiting Spain you probably will not miss the chance to visit two of the main centers of cultural interest which are Seville and Granada. There are several ways to get there either by train, bus, public ride, or private transfer. If you are not yet convinced that these transfers are the best way to get from Seville to Granada and vice versa, follow up with me carefully and very well and I will prove to you the opposite.

Let us start with the train, with a distance of 247 km. You can take a train directly from Granada Station to Seville’s Santa Justa Station, and the journey only takes about two and a half hours.

Next, we will talk about the bus.

The bus stations in both cities are very far from the city center, not to mention that they are very narrow and not quite pleasant for the views it offers which are likely the highways. However, buses are much more frequent than trains and much cheaper. But, we suggest that anyone with the means to take a more pleasant transfer to do so. The bus is very far away to be the best way to get from Seville to Granada.

Now, let us get to the point we all were waiting for, The best way to get from Seville to Granada with no competition is manly Private Transfer.

Last but not least, the high-quality manner to get from Seville to Granada, or vice versa, is a non-public switch. You will be chosen by your manual at your lodge and you will be dropped off on the next. This will remove all the problems of hiking across the metropolis along with your luggage. It additionally, will remove any stress you will be able to enjoy and you could book it as lengthy and earlier as you need and after that, take a seat down back and relax! All courses communicate English very well, this means that you could have a communication with them and get insider recommendation on what to do and in which to move. But the most important benefit of those transfers is that you can move anywhere you need! This way permits you, if desired, you could stop in a village on the street We recommend two of the maximum famous locations to forestall on the street among Granada and Seville which are Córdoba and Ronda.


Why wasting time with journeys while you can see a brand-new area? That’s our logic. Córdoba is one of the maximum vital towns in southern Spain to recognize the lifestyle of the area, and additionally one of the maximum lovely towns. The world-famed mosque is a completely unique constructing of its kind. Today it’s far a functional cathedral, however, it keeps all the unique structures of the time whilst the Moors used it as a mosque. Córdoba became the capital of Al-Andalus (Moorish name of it’s a part of Spain) for 4 centuries, and as such it keeps many lovely functions of the time. It became additionally a vital metropolis in Roman Spain and you could nevertheless see a few Roman ruins across the area.


On your way from Seville to Granada, dear visitors you can make a pause in Ronda. This metropolis and its well-known bridge are so lovely, The mountain excursion is dotted with reservoirs, olive oil factories, and vineyards. In addition, Ronda, although it is so small, it has extensive cultural importance.
There are few locations as lovely as this part of southern Spain, however, because of its remoteness, few vacationers come to find out this first-rate metropolis. It stimulated infinite writers on their travels, such as Lord Tennyson, Orson Welles, and Ernest Hemingway.

How to Travel From Seville to Granada with the aid of using Train, Bus, and Car

Seville and Granada, each placed in the Andalusian area of southern Spain, are taken into consideration a number of the high-quality getaways to 2 towns in Spain. Travelers can journey from Seville, the capital of the area, to Granada at 249 kilometers with the aid of using one-of-a-kind way of transport. While taking a bus, teach or shared trip can prevent money, for the maximum picturesque experience you could need to pressure and notice well-known and exquisite sights alongside the manner.

What is the most cost-effective way to get from Seville to Granada?

The profitable way to get from Seville to Granada is the shared passage, which costs $14 – 20$ and takes 3h 9m.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Granada

May and June are quality moments to go to Granada, with heat temperatures and interesting activities inclusive of the Great Fair of Corpus Christi, in an effort to take the area in June, with puppet shows, processions, concerts, and plenty greater. In addition, the International Festival of Music and Dance runs from past due June to mid-July with dance and music performances in numerous ancient locations. It is likewise precise to journey to Granada in September and October. The climate is heat and sunny till the stop of September earlier than a few start to cool down, and there aren’t such a lot of vacationers. In September, experience the Feast of the Patroness of Granada in honor of Our Lady of Angustias.

what is the Best Time To Visit Granada?

Granada enjoys a continental climate, located in the southern half of Spain, about 2300 feet above sea level. The city is bordered by the Sierra Nevada Mountains on one side and the Mediterranean coast on the other. Summers are getting pretty hot here, as shown in most Spanish cities. The spring season, especially from April to May, is the best time to travel to Granada. Rainfall in the city is relatively limited, with showers peaking from November to April. Well-balanced temperatures and weather conditions make this time an ideal time to travel to Granada. In addition, autumn is also a good season for exploring the city and is generally considered an off-season tourist.

Spring Season (April – May)

This is considered the absolute best time to visit Granada, due to balanced temperatures, reduced humidity, and clear visibility. Periodic rains tend to characterize this season, but nothing too crazy can be anticipated in terms of torrential rains or storms, etc. Days are long and visitors can enjoy the bright sun throughout this season. Nights tend to be relatively colder and visitors are invited to adapt accordingly. Bring more clothes, ladies and gentlemen.

The most important most visited landmarks in Granada

The Alhambra

is not just a palace. It is a castle and fortress, a royal palace and a city, amazing gardens, and a summer retreat. The Alhambra is all this and much more.


Generalife is a segment of the Alhambra complex consisting of several impressive gardens and a palace of the sultan.

The Albaycin

The Albaycin is the old Arab quarter. It includes the area between the hill of the Alhambra, the hill of San Cristobal, and Elvira.

Albaycin is like a different world in Granada. This is due to the strong Muslim influence in this area. This was the place where Siri’s first courtyard was built in the eleventh century.

Arab Baths Bañuelo

Walking down the street, you can easily miss the door to these beautiful and well-preserved Arab baths, Bañuelo, also known as hammam  Alyawza (Bañuelo del Nogal).

Bañuelo baths are located at the bottom of a private house in Carrera del Darro, at the foot of the Alhambra, and show how skillful Spanish Arabs were a thousand years ago.


A large hill located near Albayzín, known for its caves that have been converted into public places for flamenco shows.

Saint Jerome Monastery

Located in the small village of Tlacochahuaya, this colorful monastery is dedicated to the patron saint of the hermits.

La Madraza

What travelers are saying

  • The Gentlemen’s Room, used for town hall meetings for hundreds of years, is also very impressive.
  • Right in front of the Royal Chapel, this gem is the best attraction in the region.