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Know at 9 The Most Common Causes Of Arthritis

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Arthritis is an inflammation that can affect the knees, the palm of the hand, or part of the spine. The most common types of arthritis are osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Joint pain and stiffness are important symptoms of arthritis.

Less common types of arthritis may be the result of other medical problems that affect other parts of the body, such as lupus (Lupus), which may affect the kidneys, lungs, and joints, psoriasis, which is mainly skin disease, and sometimes affects the joints as well.

Today we will get to know 8 most common causes of arthritis:


As those who develop joint infections develop it after the age of forty, given that the bones become less solid, and they become fragile as a result of a lack of calcium, vitamins, and minerals in the body, which directly affects the joints. Therefore, you should take precautions and take the necessary vitamins after the age of forty to maintain calcium and vitamins in the body.


Genetics play a major role in a person’s arthritis infection. People with a family history of the disease are more likely than others to develop this disease. People with a family history of arthritis can also develop arthritis at a young age.

3.Major Injury

Joint damage can cause irregularities within the normal smooth joint surface. one among several causes of arthritis is that the previous major injury.

A tibial plateau fracture may be an exemplar of an injury resulting in arthritis by which the broken area of bone enters the cartilage of the knee. Just just in case the joint or its surrounding tissue was ruined thanks to an injury, this will increase the method of wear and tear and tear on the joint.


Excess weight also causes pressure on the bones and joints, causing joint infections. Also, putting your joints under severe stress, such as exercising extreme sports and standing for long times or carrying heavy things.

As for the treatment of arthritis, arthritis is treated by taking medications and medical preparations that help to reduce the condition and its swelling, and this type of medication is not taken except under the supervision of a doctor in order to determine the sick condition and the dose needed.

Treatment is also carried out by painting the joints with ointments that help relieve pain. Bones and joints can be painted with camphor oil, as it contains natural analgesics that relieve joint pain and reduce swelling.


Infectious arthritis, also called septic arthritis, maybe a painful infection within the joint. It can cause infection to spread from another part of the body to the joint or fluid surrounding the joint. Infection-causing germs can also enter the body during surgery, or through open wounds or an injection. Infectious arthritis usually occurs in just one joint.


Women suffer from joint infections more than men, especially after the end of the menstrual cycle, where women are exposed to a change in hormones, in addition to that pregnancy and lactation greatly affect the calcium and vitamins in the woman’s body, which causes her arthritis.

7.Occupational Hazards

The study demonstrated that some of the functions that people perform in their daily lives increase the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis. We will do this by learning about the functions that lead to arthritis

  • construction workers

Construction workers are people at risk of arthritis. This is caused by improper weightlifting and without proper assistance a major risk factor in arthritis.

  • Musicians

The lifetime of an elite musician could be enviable, but it’s also diligence that needs tons of repetitive motion.
Repetitive strain and pain are a health risk for musicians and will eventually cause arthritis.

Found studies the musicians have loose joints, which allow them to try what they do, like little dancers and gymnasts. they are sure to be at risk of injuring that arthritis.

Do not forget about people who work in education and other professionals who are at risk of developing inflammation of the foot.


Simply how much sports participation contributes to the onset of arthritis is difficult to ascertain. Without a doubt, involvement in sports can contribute to joint injury and subsequent arthritis. However, the benefits of the activity possibly outnumber whatever possibility for arthritis.

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that the test subjects, who were professional soccer players, times more prone to hip arthritis.

9.Food allergies

There are literally certain foods that will cause joint inflammation. people that notice that inflammation happens after taking these foods should avoid them whenever possible.

Arthritis can affect men and ladies during a lot of the way. The degree also because of the amount of your time the patient will probably be affected counting on the sort of arthritis he or she is struggling.

Patients with arthritis will see there are bad and good days. Discomfort, pain, stiffness, and tiredness are suffered by most people with arthritis

Arthritis might be exasperating when you can no longer grip things so well or get around as you used to. Always keep in mind that even if you suffer from arthritis this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to let go of your active lifestyle. Despite the fact that there could be some changes to your lifestyle yet there isn’t any reason why you can’t remain active.