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Ten Expert Tips on how to Fight Gout


A gout attack is one of those things that you hear about from time to time but most of us know a little about it. Divine gout is basically an inflammation of the ankle and wrist joint in the knee or more often in the big toe due to high levels of uric acid in the blood, a condition called High blood sugar, and the intense pain it causes can persist. Days weeks and even months in a row if left untreated can lead to joint deformities or even physical disability.

Let’s go, my friend, to start the first health advice and discover the treatment for gout and how to fight it if you like the post don’t forget to share it with your friend or you know an injured person share with him.

Number One

get rid of excess weight the body produces more insulin when people are overweight or obese if you have high levels of insulin in your body it slows down the elimination of the uric acid that causes gout so it’s not only high blood pressure high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Conducted in 2015 and found that people with high levels of visceral fat are more likely to develop gout. Visceral fat differs in that it is found inside the abdominal cavity and surrounds vital organs such as the intestine of the pancreas and the liver. This type of fat can cause major health problems if you do not get rid of it. Lose some weight to prevent gout attacks and the other serious health effects associated with them.

Number Two

check your family history genetics also plays a role here if someone in your family has had gout you do have a high risk of getting it too unfortunately you can’t do anything about this genetic predisposition except monitor your health closely.

Number Three

it occurs differently in men and women according to dr. Alan Gelber a Rheumatologist at John Hopkins University Medical Center gout occurs differently in men and women it’s the main cause of inflammatory arthritis for guys in their 30s and 40s although men in their late 50s can also get it sometimes as for the ladies its more common in postmenopausal women and in young women who have kidney problems.

Number Four

certain medications can trigger gout medications like diuretics or water pills low-dose aspirin immunosuppressants like cyclosporine and tacrolimus as well as drugs contains salicylate have been found to trigger gout attacks I know that’s a lot of medical jargon to remember so just ask your doctor first if a medicine you’ve been prescribed is known to trigger gout and if there are any other alternatives

Number Five

certain health conditions can increase the risk of developing gout they include high blood pressure insulin resistance diabetes chronic kidney diseases high cholesterol cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome as a rule of thumb always consult your doctor first to find out if you’re at risk of getting gout in case you have one of these medical problems.

Number Six

change your diet gout is historically known as the disease of kings or the rich man’s disease because it’s triggered by foods that only.
wealthy people could afford in the past seafood and red meat these food contain lots of purines which are chemicals that produce uric acid as a by-product once they’re broken down by the body cutting down on purine-rich foods and drinks will make.

alcohol especially beer and drinks sweetened with fructose organ meats meaning animal liver kidneys heart and tongue game meats basically the animals you hunt not ones raised on a farm certain fish like herring sardines trout tuna mackerel and anchovies other types of seafood and shellfish including crab.

lobster oysters mussels shrimps and scallops mushrooms and asparagus you can still have these products but proceed with extreme caution consume them in a very light moderation it’s still best to avoid them entirely though.

Number Seven

gout attacks and pain changing your diet doesn’t mean just cutting a bunch of bad foods out of it here are some products you should eat more of to prevent gout attacks

researchers at Boston University found that eating cherries or taking cherry extract decreases the risk of having a gout attack by 35% water yep drinking enough water doesn’t just help keep you hydrated good of h2o
also flushes uric acid out of your system thus reducing its buildup on your joints and preventing gout attacks.

Number Eight

make use of natural remedies before you reach for those chemical drugs why not give natural remedies try to rest and ice when you’re under attack doctors recommend staying in bed and putting ice on the affected area you may.

lessen the pain by removing any clothes on the joint that’s flaring up cayenne the cream also known as capsaicin cream this
soy mint has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make sure to wash your hands before and after use because the heat the cream produces can cause a lot of irritation and by all means avoid touching your eyes and mouth when applying it.

Number Nine

be careful about exercising this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise at all you absolutely should experts at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention say that adults should be physically active for at least two and a half hours per week.

however, if you’ve got gout there are certain safety precautions to keep in mind when it comes to exercise don’t exercise when you feel that familiar pain in your joints if you’re having an attack just take it easy remember stay in bed and ice it if after an hour of exercise.

the exercise you experience joint flare-ups you’d better change your current workout or at least slow down a bit it may be the cause of your attacks never try to plan your own exercise routines hire a personal trainer or the physical therapist only a professional can help you prepare a workout plan that’s safe for gout patients.

Number Ten

some health warnings about using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs for short like aspirin or ibuprofen may provide immediate relief to gout pain but they’re by no means harmless this type of drug has been linked to serious kidney problems other potential side effects of using NSAIDs include heartburn stomach ulcers headaches and dizziness allergic reactions high blood pressure and legs.