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Top 10 Portable Baby Monitors for Traveling Parents


When traveling with a baby, you want to ensure they are safe and secure. But what about when you need to leave them for a second to use the restroom or get something from the store? Or if your hotel room doesn’t have a crib or bed? A portable baby monitor can be the perfect solution for this problem. Here are 10 of the top-selling portable monitors on Amazon, including brands like Summer Infant, Angelcare, Levana, and Motorola.

1. Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Analytics-heads, listen up. The Nanit Plus Baby Monitor is an AI-powered device that tracks and analyses your baby’s sleep. Parents can also use this technology to share those important moments with family via social media.

The smartphone app also provides personalized sleep coaching tips based on your baby’s unique sleep patterns.

2. Infant Optics XDR-8 Travel Video Baby Monitor

Little wonder this video baby device is trusted by over 1 million parents to help observe their little one. With this video monitor, you can remotely adjust the camera.

What’s more? You don’t have to fret about plugging this monitor for the baby overnight. You can place the parent unit on your nightstand for up to 12 hours in the power-saving audio-only setting and about eight hours with the display screen continually on.

3. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Just because you don’t have the funds to splurge on a baby monitor for your big trip doesn’t mean that the quality has to be poor.

This video baby monitor has a display range of 4 inches. You can get to talkback or sing to your baby with this unit, thanks to its two-way communication feature.

4. Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor

World-renowned brand, Panasonic, is revered for its reliability and durability. Its coverage of a whopping 1500ft is a best baby monitor feature that no other product on this list can claim.

The Panasonic baby monitor camera does one heck of job with its wide-angle camera. This enables you to scan more of the entire room without having to pan or tilt all the time, although you still have the remote pan/tilt feature built-in.

5. Miku Smart Line of Baby Monitors

Armed with Miku’s proprietary Sensor Fusion Technology, this baby monitor monitors your child’s breathing and sleep patterns, providing sleep information.

One notable downside to this device is the lack of useful support for highly desirable features like Google Assistant, Alexa, and a number of threshold and sensitivity settings.

6. VAVA Baby Monitor

The VAVA Baby Monitor is one of the best baby viewing units that gives you a panoramic view when it oversees your baby’s area when you’re away from home.

It is best known for its delivery of 720p of crisp, clear view during the day and greyscale infrared images all night, alongside its amazing 2-way audio. This makes it very easy to keep an eye on your baby without having to put your current activity on hold.

7. Motorola MBP36XL-2 Portable Video Baby Monitor

This device is designed specifically for big houses. Watch a real-time video of your baby’s space on this ergonomic parent unit and never miss a moment. Get a perfect view of your child with its remote pan-tilt-zoom camera feature. Temperatures are unpredictable in not-too-familiar places.

8. Owlet Monitor Duo with Smart Sock and HD Video Camera

Those who like to deviate from the norm will find the Owlet Monitor travel baby monitor to be truly experiential.

The manufacturers combined the device with a wearable smart sock that tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. If the Smart Sock identifies something wrong, it will immediately notify you via a notification on your phone.

9. DBPower Baby Monitor

The DBPower Baby Monitor is one of the best infant monitors for your little one.

With a range of 1000ft with no wi fi needed, this device really produces a clear picture when you travel.

It does not require any installation out of the box. As soon as you get to your travel destination, just place it on a flat surface.

10. Infant ABM100 Smart Baby Monitor

The ABM 100 Smart Baby Monitor is one of the best-selling baby monitoring devices you can get on the planet. It allows you to watch, listen, and talk to your bundle of joy.

The creators used FHSS technology to deliver a remarkable 1000ft range for long-range monitoring efficiency making it one of the best portable baby monitor units.