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Top Ten Cheapest Places to Travel


The summer season is probably the most active season for those who seeks adventures and discovery as well as those who seeks relaxation after a long time of working or studying. It is well known that people when this time gets closer and closer they start hesitating in choosing the perfect destination, of course, this choice relays on many elements such as the budget, places they have been before, the weather, booking possibilities, accommodation and so on…, thus we propose to you the top 10 places that should be there on your To-Visit list along with all the needed information. Keep up to the end of this article to find out more.

1.New York City

New York City

The city that never sleeps and the beating heart of the United States with over than 8 million humans giving its name what it deserves. It was rated as the most important capital in the world whether about money and economy or as a perfect Touristic destination to explore.

When to visit

April to June and September to November are the most likes times to visit New York.

How much does it cost?

The average of a one person week trip to New York is about 2000 $ and for 2 person it will cost about the double 4000$.

 Top 3 hotels in New York
  • La plaza the luxurious hotel in New York contains a French-styled rooms with Golding  covered accessories in addition to every possible inquiries for having a comfortable accommodation Wi-Fi access plasma TV  personal baths and a gorgeous view from the balconies.
  •  Manhattan guests suites 2 km away from Colombia university provides all the facilities u need for your long or short accommodation.
  • The Pearl Hotel which features also a  fitness centre  Free Wi-Fi Parking Family rooms Non-smoking rooms Fitness centre Restaurant  Tea/coffee maker in all rooms

 Top places to visit 

  1. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
  2. Broadway
  3. Brooklyn Bridge
  4. Observation decks: Empire State, Top of the Rock, One World Observatory, Edge
  5. Central Park



The capital of France or the so-called for ladies as the romance /shopping city. You can also check our previous article about traveling to France for more detailed information.

When to visit

Summer time can be one of the best times to pay a visit to Paris starting from mid May to August or from September to October for the fall season lovers.

How much does it cost?

A one-week visit costs approximately like a one-week trip to New York City means about 2.100 $ for a person.

Top 3 hotels in Paris
  • Hotel de Londres Eiffel With a fancy view on the Eiffel tower this hotel provides all the needed services like free internet connection mini freezer air conditioning and laundry service.
  • Hotel Joke Astotel   Has almost the same services of the previous hotel but it’s so special for its high cleaning sense.
  • Hotel Helussi    This hotel offers special well-equipped soundproof rooms that contain Tv free internet access minibars and coffee/tea makers and.

Top places to visit 

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Notre Dame Cathedral
  3. Louvre Museum
  4. Champs Elysées / Arc of Triumph
  5. Disneyland Paris



Siam previously a southeast Asian country that never been conquested and very famous for its beautiful nature which makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers.

When to visit

Due to the rising temperatures in the hot seasons winter is the most nominated time to go ahead on your Thailand trip starting from April to November.

How much does it cost?

A single person trip to Thailand will cost you about 110 $ per day and for a couple about the double of the price

Top 3 hotels in  Thailand
  • The Marina Phuket Hotel
  • Burasari phuket Hotel
  • Sheraton Grande sukhmuvit

 Top places to visit 

  1. The Grand Palace, Bangkok
  2. Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai
  3. Pai
  4.  Waterfalls at Erawan National Park
  5. Kanchanaburi Bridge



When to visit

Spring season could be the best time to visit the city of Roma   starting from April to June and the fall season starting from September to October.

How much does it cost

For a whole week (7days)  single person trip can cost approximately about 1130 $ and 2000$ for a couple .

Top 3 hotels in Rome

  • Queens arm Hotel
  • Roma central motel
  • Roma explorers

   Top places to visit in Rome

  1. The Colosseum

Piazza Venezia

 Trevi Fountain

4. The Pantheon

5.Piazza del Campidoglio

5.Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The city of lights it is the perfect destination for those who seeks fun and unforgettable memories.

When to visit Las Vegas

You do not have to worry about the changing seasons in Las Vegas because this city is well equipped that you can enjoy it all the year long

How much does it costs

If you are not a Gambling lover you will need about 100-200 $ for a whole week trip .

Top 3 hotels in New York
  • Excalibur Hotel and casino
  • Trupm international Hotel
  • Rio all-suit Hotel and casino

    Top places to visit 

  1. Boulder dam
  2. Grand canyon
  3. Fountains of Bellagio
  4. Stratosphere tower
  5. Las Vegas strip



This archipelago is one of the 50 states of the U.S.A and with no doubt the favorite place to spend a fancy vacation on the Hawaiian style .

When to visit Hawaii

Hawaii is a good destination at any time of the year due to its perennial warm weather however it is much better to visit in between March and September to enjoy the sunny beautiful weather.

How much does it costs

Hawaii is definitely one of the most expensive go-to states in use it costs about 2000$ per person for a whole week staying.

Top 3 hotels in Hawaii
  • Honolulu
  • Ritz carlton
  • Kapalua

  Top places to visit 

  1. Waikiki Beach
  2. Volcanoes National Park
  3. Waimea Canyon State Park
  4. Hana Road
  5. Hamakua Heritage Corridor



With an extraordinary view of the Thames, the England capital London is a must-visit country check the rest of the article to know more about this.

When to visit

Usually London is a rainy country so the favorite time to hit the road is in the spring season which knows a lower Humidity percentage.

How much does it costs

230$ would be enough for a day visit per person taking into consideration food transportation…

Top 3 hotels in London
  • Clayton Hotel City of London
  • Camden Enterprise Hotel
  • InterContinental London

  Top places to visit 

  1. Westminster
  2. Camden
  3. London Eye
  4. Baker Street
  5. hames Cruise

8.Puerto Reco

Puerto Reco

A Caribbean island that belongs to the United States, and considered among the top 10 places to visit.

When to visit

You are very welcome to pay a visit to Puerto Reco in the beautiful spring season to the summer (April-June).

How much does it cost?

A single-person trip for a whole week will cost about 1300 $ while a couple will need a budget of 2500$ taking into account all the needs starting of food and transportation down to accommodation.

Top 3 hotels in New York
  • Narmada Urban Beach Hostel
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Coconut palms in oceanfront

  Top places to visit 

  1. Old San Juan
  2. El Yunque National Forest
  3. Culebra Island
  4. Arecibo Radio Telescope
  5. Ponce’s Historic City Center



Among all the Arabian countries this one has made it through the top 10 list successfully sop it deserves definitely to be visited.

When to visit

Morocco knows high temperatures in summer and cold weather in winter thus spring is the best time for your Morocco visit.

How much does it cost?

For one person it will cost about 300£ for a week trip.

Top 3 hotels in Morocco
  • La Mamounia
  • Four seasons resort Marrakech
  • Royal Mansour

Top places to visit

  1. Marrakesh
  2. Fez
  3. Essaouira
  4. Chefchaouen
  5. Dades Valley



The capital and the heart of turkey, a giant city that worth to be visited.

When to visit

Ankara knows an almost freezing winter yet the summer is warm and much suitable as vacation weather.

How much does it cost?

For a week trip, it will cost you about 1000 dollars including all that you will pay for food and hotels and transportation.

Top 3 hotels in New York
  • Hotel Evener
  • Otel Palan
  • My home Anatolia Hotel

 Top places to visit 

  1. Ankara Castle (Kalesi)
  2. Anıtkabir Museum
  3. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
  4. Gençlik Park
  5. Ankara Festivals

Traveling was never a waste of time nor money thus we always try to encourage people and help them to find the right place time and budget to go through these experiences make the best of them, in addition, to have some memories and adventures to share with their next generation